Why should I use CCXT Pro?

CCXT Pro abstracts away the WebSocket protocol so you can use it without needing to know the low level details. It can handle subscribing to new connections, disconnects, ping/pong and custom keep-alive, automatic reconnections, backoff delays and other peculiarities of exchanges' WebSocket APIs. Using CCXT Pro is as easy as using CCXT as it supports async-style syntax and direct control flow so you do not need to worry about callbacks.

How can CCXT Pro benefit my trading bot?

CCXT Pro works faster than the CCXT REST API because of the underlying WebSocket transport layer. When you want to fetch data from an exchange CCXT Pro will set up a connection and the exchange will stream data to you as soon as it becomes available. This is much faster than making a HTTP request for new data and waiting for a response. Furthermore, the exchanges often send you just the deltas and CCXT Pro will manage incremental data structures behind the scenes to reduce traffic and bandwidth congestion for the purposes of high-frequency trading.

Which exchanges are supported in CCXT Pro?

See the full list of exchanges supported in CCXT Pro. We are regularly adding new exchanges to it.


What is a "seat"? What are the "seats" for?

It shows the number of GitHub users on your team or company who also get access to the source code repository using their own GitHub accounts. This is very convenient when developing a project in a team, since you don't have to share the credentials.

Is there a table that shows which exchanges each plan contains?

It's up to the user to decide which exchanges to use, because the CCXT Pro does not have any intermediary code for tracking. The communication between the user and the exchange is direct. And you can access the source code repository with all exchanges in it.

What exactly does the "number of exchanges" displayed below each plan represent?

It shows "how many exchanges at once a user is expected to use simultaneously under this plan", though not enforced technically.

Is it required to specify the selected exchanges?

There is no such requirement, nothing stops you from switching one exchange for another anytime.

Should I use REST APIs with CCXT and WebSockets with CCXT Pro, or both REST and WS with CCXT Pro?

CCXT Pro is a superset of CCXT, so it also has everything that CCXT has. You can use CCXT Pro for all communications, both REST and WebSockets.


Do you have the plans on adding more exchanges to CCXT Pro?

Yes, the ultimate goal is to unify all exchanges' WebSocket APIs under CCXT Pro as soon as possible, we can't give ETAs or promise the exact deadlines.

What if my payment did not go through?

Please reach out to us at info@ccxt.pro with your GitHub username and transaction hash, we will try to resolve this as fast as possible.

Can I get my money back?

No, once you have bought a subscription for CCXT Pro you will be added to the private CCXT Pro repository where we host the codebase.

What happens if my code breaks?

We will provide technical support for everyone using CCXT Pro via GitHub and Discord.